Exploring themes of twin imagery in Nigerian Yoruba Culture. Inspired by Kehinde Wiley portraits.

 Storytelling, Knitwear, Garments and Graphics by SHASHAMANI

  Creative Direction & Photography by Sarah Ejiyone | Collection by SHASHAMANI | Set Design by Tyreis Holder 

Costume commission made with latex, braided hair and chiffon. ” ‘Dancing With Otherness’ expresses a collective response to the many political and ideological forces at work upon the black female body through improvised movement, improvised music, poetry and moving image.”

  Directed by Maya Gurung-Russell Campbell | Costume by SHASHAMANI | Dance by Adrienne Ming | Music by Pharoah Smeaton-Russell & Buster Woodruff-Bryant

A collaboration with fine artist Morenike Caxton-Martins combining knitwear with resin.


Lead creative director; editorial taking an introspective look at the juxtaposed times we inhibit where one can experience great joy and light whilst trying mask the darkness inside.

Featuring deep v Flare trousers, collared bib shirt, crochet harness and braided mask.

  Creative Direction & Styling by SHASHAMANI | Garments by SHASHAMANI | Photography by Carla Abreu & Dani Chukwuezi | Make-up by Krissie Marie

A football uniform inspired by the fluidity of children’s drawings (drawn by Longwill School for the Deaf) and the sloppy passion to play.

Featuring machine and hand knitting with hand dyed yarns. Drawstring Knit bodycon skirt, Asymmetrical shoulder knit jumper, Bra cup, football socks and a matching glove.

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Garments, Knitwear, Styling, Hair by SHASHAMANI | Photography by Lilian Chang| Modeled by Dalila Legesse| Print by Yoonsoo Yang & Maggie Zhang| Digital cards by Roland D’Herbemont

 SHASHAMANI – Director & Designer